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Material Coordinator:  The purpose of this position is to manage material flow in shipping, receiving and movement within the facility.  Shipping and receiving involves processing packages and materials from various vendors and carriers and making computer entries into our system.  Material movement involves staging in process materials at various points of operation during the manufacturing process.  No experience necessary.  Please call us or download an application and bring it in or email it to info@sourcesmt.com

Metal Fabricator:  The purpose of this position is to fabricate or assemble metal parts to print using a variety of tools and machines like saws, brake press, waterjet, and punch press.  Experience in a metal fabrication environment is necessary but specific training on all machines will be provided.

SMT is committed to equal employment opportunities for all

SMT is dedicated to providing a great working environment and enriching the lives of our employees and their families.

We value people who:

  1. Have integrity
  2. Have a clear focus
  3. Always looking for ways to improve
  4. Not afraid of accountability
  5. Act professional


SMT, Inc (Sunrise Machine & Tool, Inc.)
1380 Legion Road
Detroit Lakes MN 56501

Phone: (800) 725-7761 or (218) 847-3386
Email: info@sourcesmt.com
To apply download application above and fill it out and either bring it in or email it to info@sourcesmt.com