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Sunrise Machine & Tool

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Who We Are

In 1972 Richard LeCleir and his wife Susan founded LeCleir Die & Stamping.  As the company grew It was later renamed to Sunrise Machine & Tool, Inc. or SMT, Inc.  There have been several small companies that have spun off of SMT over the years.  Our experience in developing new products and starting new businesses is what makes us the perfect company to partner with.

SMT's vertical integration allows us to perform many of the systems and processes in house under one roof which allows us to better control our lead times and quality and to add more value and a lower cost for our customers.

Why Us?

The business success puzzle has many pieces which are all very important but are sometimes hard to put together because of the seemingly endless struggle to work on the whole picture.

Trying to do everything yourself or with limited resources can really take the fun out of running your own business. We understand your pain - we’ve been there. 

Our goal is to promote purposeful and mutual growth where it just make sense.